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Recycle/Renewable Resources:

The world is one giant inter-connected ecosystem. What happens in one local area impacts us all globally. We need to adjust our priorities and focus on shifting away from being a global society obsessed with consumerism of products that end up in landfills and move toward truly renewable resource solutions such as solar, wind, tidal and geothermal energy.


Eat Organic:

Consuming non-GMO and non-processed food options on a daily basis is recommended for optimal health. Supporting local organic farmers and other such fresh market suppliers when possible is ideal. You'll be eating healthy and not contributing to environmental pollution created through transportation of food products.


Stay Hydrated:

It's crucial for optimal brain and internal organ and tissue functions that one stays hydrated. Hydration is a daily issue and there is a simple rule to ensure you're staying on track. Take your personal weight in pounds and divide by two; the answer is the number of ounces of water you should be drinking every day. (Example: weight 150 lbs./2 = 75 oz.'s) Water should be drank throughout the course of the day for best results not consumed right before bed causing potential sleep disruption for bladder release.


Practice Meditation:

Taking some personal time to relax and quiet your mind each day is a fantastic way to quickly refresh yourself and strengthen your intuitive connection. One doesn't need to spend hours every day on this item. My personal practice is to split my daily 30 minutes of meditation into a brief 15-minute session in the morning while still in bed, and a second brief 15-minute session in the evening. I have found that by beginning and ending my days in this fashion helps clarify when I'm spending my time on tasks and activities that are aligned with my intentions.



Getting oxygen circulating to all cells throughout your entire body system is important. It's recommended that you exercise for at least 30 minutes 3 times a week, or at least move your body intensely enough for perspiration and elevated heart rate to occur. This will help your body deliver nutrients and remove toxins appropriately; both are vital processes of healthy living.


Connect with Nature:

There is so much to be gained from connecting with nature. There are benefits from the pure ascetic aspect of appreciating the beauties of nature; as well as documented improvements due to 'grounding' and literally connecting oneself to the soil and energetic vibrations of the planet.


Take Time To Celebrate:

Today's lifestyles are often busy and stressful. Start setting aside at least a few minutes each day to celebrate something. Feeling gratitude for the little things that made your day bright or allowed you to realize the fantastic accomplishments you've achieved or the amazing relationships you have with friends/family or co-workers is essential. Appreciating your adorable pet with some attention, stopping to take in a sunrise or sunset is always inspiring. It doesn't need to involve money or pre-planning. Just remember to celebrate life as you're living it; it's a journey to be enjoyed!



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